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We are an interdependent global cooperative of product and service providers focused on people-related solutions for organizations of all sizes. We see the world and do our work with inclusion-colored lenses.

Organizations have different needs at different times, and no one provider can fulfill them all. Inclusion Wins determines how to serve you best and seamlessly connects you with products and services fit for you–fit for purpose.

An Evolving World

Over the last two decades, the commercial and corporate paradigm has changed. Profitability is no longer the sole measure of success. As awareness of the environmental and social impact created by companies grows exponentially – new frameworks are emerging.

Everything on this planet we call our home is ordered by nature. Why should companies be any different? Those with the capabilities to adapt and respond to rapidly changing social and environmental dynamics, will help lead the world into the next paradigm that will shape many generations to come.

Your Greatest Asset

For a long time, the mantra that “our people power performance” has been espoused by the business world. However, this has mostly been an unquantifiable factor that we’ve assumed can be harnessed by informality, and often closed networks of private personal relationships, which have grown out of the workplace.

Now, a new approach is needed. Diversity is a mechanism for organizations to innovate, adapt, develop, and navigate to create solutions to today’s complex business environments. Most organizations overlook the wealth stored within the views, values, and opinions of their workforce.

Generating Adaptability

By accommodating the massive distinctions, values, and opinions across your organization within an ever-expanding context, you’re able to evolve approaches in this emergent business world. Different organizations with complementary purposes must be relationally engaged at a personal level to ensure you make a positive contribution to the future.

In the emergence of a new era of enterprise, collaboration is as important, if not more important, than competition.

Toolkit for change

The diversity of your people and relationships can flourish both at an organization and a personal level with Inclusion Wins. Strengthen processes and procedures with inclusion systems. Empower individuals to accommodate shared understanding with cultural intelligence. Amplify and quantify your impact on the wider world with more embedded social capital.

All of these tools have been specifically developed from an evidence-driven approach by leading inclusion advisor Amri Johnson. Each dimension of our co-creation with clients starts by gaining clarity of context.

This includes appreciatively assessing what is making a positive impact; co-creating approaches focused on change and determining which measures will allow for sustainability in systems and behaviors in an increasingly more connected business world.

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