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Social Capital reflects the strength and impact of connectivity in your formal and informal networks

Improve the embeddedness of networks, embolden sustainable structural change, and fulfill your global purpose.

Cultivating social capital is one of the toughest challenges for organizations looking to evolve for the future.

Historically, organizational leaders are set on reacting to past inconsistencies and near-term rewards. The alternative, inclusive approach is to broaden their listening abilities and develop convergent frameworks to create greater structural integrity and long term impact.

We work with organizations to explore their informal networks and the influences that run through those networks. We look at the embeddedness of your networks and how they can better support making inclusion normative and sustainable.

Our advisory services around social impact and shared value include the exploration of your networks, their reach (current and potential) and possibilities for problem-solving and innovation. From here, we work with your innovators and activators around to identify opportunities to create collaborations that further organizational purpose.

How it works

Organizational network analysis (ONA) identifies patterns within many layers of data. 

We work with you to explore how communications, decisions, and information flow throughout the organization, identifying patterns related to the critical what, why, how, and for whom the above are well-functioning. 

ONA identifies key nodes in your informal networks. That is, the performers, connectors, engagement influencers, and those operating with an inclusive lens at many levels. 

Rather than simply creating a cosmetic change – as many corporate social responsibility programs have done in the past, we focus on how you can plug into the global purpose. Tools such as the UN Shared Development Goals (if not being currently co-opted) can help you integrate with a larger framework for change.

When alignment reaches the point where your organizational relationships and purpose are unambiguously interdependent, social capital will be maximized. Customers will be effortlessly attracted and the best employees will seek you out. 

It is only through genuinely understanding the motivations, wants, and aspirations of your stakeholders that true convergence with purpose is possible.

The impact on your organization

Forge greater connectedness

When your informal networks are understood, tapping key individual nodes internally and externally in those networks allows for collaboration and innovation to flourish internally while enabling more seamless identification of the right partners and customers.

Internal efficiency

When your workforce feels connected to your purpose, individual significance powers outward change. Employees realize how interdependence contributes to a better world. Collaboration and belonging do a dance that allows the organizational aspirations for agility to become expected of all organizational actors.

Make real changes

Be a leader for local change. Create real sustainable impact, led by inspired individuals, that not only generates improvements for your business and customers – but for all life on our planet.

How are you cultivating your Social Capital?

Contact us to discuss our Organizational Network Analysis, Social Impact, and Shared Value advisory services.

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