Rather than disconnect, I’m choosing gratitude.

Over the past 2–3 months, I have been deleting social media apps from my phone. I admit that I did watch the @Netflix special The Social Dilemma, and it reinforced the hours of Jaron Lanier videos I have viewed over the past few years.

He had me swayed quite a while back, but I never took the time to think about the impact, and I hadn’t really done any true experimentation with deleting social media apps. I deleted @Facebook post-2016 US elections and FB Messenger several months later after being freaked out.

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  1. Finishing the first draft of my book.
  2. Starting a more regular yoga routine.
  3. Deep conversations with some of the smartest and most interesting people I know.
  4. My wife’s satisfaction and excitement about her new role and the great people she is working with.
  5. Speaking to my mother via FaceTime every day (even though she really wants to see her grandson).
  6. Sticking to a new diet and seeing sustained results.
  7. Speaking to the Stone Mountain Rotary Club about inclusion and diversity. I felt we could have spoken for hours — what a great group of folks.

Diversity is about counting people… Inclusion is about insisting they count

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