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Cultural Intelligence

Develop skills to contextually recognize and adjust to cultural context, individually and organizationally

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the ability and capacity to interact effectively, reducing friction between teams, clients, individuals, and partners with different values, perspectives, and motivations.

Improving cultural intelligence, empowers people to streamline interactions, converging on solutions, behaviours, and ideas that benefit your business.

Metacognition (or thinking about thinking) expands an individuals’ capacity to learn, build trust, and empathize, becoming more receptive to new ideas from wherever they may emerge.

In turn, this creates greater relatedness and cohesiveness at an organizational level – removing barriers and mitigating dissonance friction in favour of increasingly constructive collaborative environments. 

How it works

Conflict and disagreement are valuable tools. When dissenting voices offer alternative perspectives, these views can be used to power change and accelerate improvement when focused on any system or project.

Processing differing ideas effectively within your organization’s structure, ensures all viewpoints are accommodated, and that flexibility and adaptability is learned and with time, mastered.

The impact on your organization

Mitigation of bias

Reduce miscommunication and failure to understand individual values, which can distract people from accessing the positive potential of inter-company and client relationships.

Improving contextual understanding

Anticipate conflict situations and set up the preconditions necessary for effective communication at all levels of decision-making. Many “diversity problems” are rooted in hidden contextual and values distinctions that we often fail to explore.


Metacognitive skills (thinking about one’s thinking) are critical in building inclusive cultures. Improving CQ strategy and action enhance our empathy and can create greater openness and positive influence across difference.

Purpose alignment

Ensuring your organization’s shared cultural values are inherent at the operational level. When employees are involved in directing your purpose – performance is optimized.

Move beyond profitability

When your cultural values come first, this not only inspires internal cohesion, but additionally empowers your organization to create wider changes that benefit society and the environment as a whole.

What's your CQ?

Discover whether your organization utilizes your inherent diversity to power change and adaptability on a broader scale with research-validated Cultural Intelligence (CQ) assessments. 

We offer CQ self-assessments, 360° assessment, Cultural Values inventories, and more for your journey. Individual and team assessments produce the best results when combined with a 2-hour or half-day workshop. The sessions allow your team members to understand their cultural quotient and values and work more effectively together. 

For larger organizations, we offer educational services that allow internal trainers to deliver CQ workshops.

Assessments and Workshops

To learn more about how understanding your CQ and those of your colleagues can benefit your organization, please contact us. There are many options available. All offerings are available virtually. Leading to the contact page.

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